Corvin D'Oro is the first watchman of the Dusk court and commander of the inner wall. He is the son of an ancient in full power.

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Corvin is an arcanic with large raven wings and long black hair. The right side of his face is covered by a mask. His attire is similar to what others from the night watch wear; it is mostly black cloth with metal armaments protecting various areas and appendages.

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Volume 1 Edit

Corvin kills the platoon of Cumaea soldiers who stole the mask from Maika. The Dusk Court has broken their silence, and he is sent to lead her north. He leads Maika into an ambush, where she is captured and put to sleep in a sarcophagi. Corvin goes to look for Ren, who escaped before the ambush. He finds him with a young fox girl, Kippa, who tells him that she can hear and see the monster that dwells in Maika.

When he returns to the Dusk Court hiding spot, the Cumaea have attacked. He defends Maika and the Baroness, just before Maika awakes from her artificial slumber to fight the Mother Superior.

Corvin, Kippa, and Ren hide in the broken sarcophagi that protects them when Maika unleashes the monster's power. While the rest of the Dusk Court is knocked out, he takes Maika and her group to his personal Swift. He believes that the Dusk Court should not be the ones to decide her faith and allows her to escape, lying to the Baroness that his Swift was taken.

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