Kippa is a young Arcanic girl and a companion to Maika Halfwolf.

Personality Edit

Innocent and optimistic, with clear eyes unfaded by the realities of war.

Appearance Edit

Kippa is a northern sweetthorn fox arcanic. Her hair and fur are a rustic red colour that fades into white. Kippa has tanned skin and large amber eyes.

Background Edit

Kippa was born in a northern interment camp, yet recalls living happily with her mother. At an unspecified time, Kippa's mother was murdered by humans and Kippa herself was taken as a slave to be sold at an auction.

Volume 1 Edit

Kippa first appears as one of many enslaved Arcanics being bid for at a slave auction. At the behest of Sophia, a Cumaea researcher, Kippa is donated to the Cumaea for experimentation. She is taken to the Cumaea Compound in Zamora along with Maika Halfwolf and a handful of other Arcanics.

Once at the Cumaea Compound, Kippa is fitted with a lilium-imbued collar and placed in a cell.

When Maika Halfwolf breaks the collars on all the imprisoned Arcanics, Kippa feels a deep debt of gratitude to her and remains by her side, assisting in the daring escape from the Compound.

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