Highly-concentrated lilium, harvested from a pureblood Ancient.

Lilium is a purple-coloured liquid-gas with strong magical properties that can be posthumously extracted from the bones of Arcanics. The human researcher Marium was the first to utilize lilium and the human religious order of the Cumaea continue her research.

Usage Edit

Regeneration Edit

Lilium has incredible regenerative powers when used on humans, able to heal scars, burns, and even serve as a form of life-support. A side effect is that consistent consumption of lilium over time causes the hair to turn white.

Temporary Resurrection Edit

With a week of preparation, potent lilium can be used to revive a body for a few minutes. Lilium derived from the bones of Ancients is even stronger; a direct injection of this lilium into the heart is able to revive Yvette Lo Lim immediately, and for more than mere minutes.

Psychic Enhancement Edit

Lilium can aid or improve Cumaea's innate mental abilities, such as telepathy and clairvoyance.

Arcanic Suppression Edit

Lilium is shown to inhibit the magical abilities of Arcanics, and is consequently used in the creation of Arcanic slave collars. Larger or more potent concentrations of lilium can further disable movement and cause pain when forced into a current, such as the lilium used in a trap for Maika Halfwolf by Yvette Lo Lim. Lilium potentially has reduced effects on monstrum, as Maika Halfwolf was able to magically rend a door from its hinges despite wearing a lilium-imbued slave collar and even overcome the paralyzing effects of pureblooded Ancient lilium.

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