Sophia Kekete is the only daughter of Yvette Lo Lim. A human and a member of the Cumaea order, she is a talented researcher of lilium and Arcanics.

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Sophia is the only daughter of Yvette Lo Lim. Both mother and daughter appear to be estranged, showing little affection for one another, though Sophia appears to have been harbouring her deranged mother from the Mother Superior for some considerable time.

Sophia has a deep-rooted fascination with the monstra, likely inspired by her mother. After witnessing the incident at Constantine, her curiosity was re-sparked, for she believes the Arcanics have found a way to manifest the monstra and utilize them as a massive destructive force. Sophia continues to believe her theory, even though she promised her fellow researcher and lover, Atena, that she would stop fixating on the "harmless" apparitions.

Volume 1 Edit

Sophia is introduced as an unexpected arrival at the Arcanic slave auction where Maika Halfwolf, Kippa, and several other Arcanics are being sold. Sophia exerts her authority as a member of the Cumaea and demands the "stock" be donated to the Cumaea for research. When this raises the ire of an attending nobleman, Sophia casually reveals a vision of his impending death before departing.

Sophia returns to the Cumaea Compound in Zamora where she reunites with Atena and proceeds to teach classes on Arcanic vivisection to Cumaea initiates. Sophia and Atena bicker briefly about the events surrounding explosion at Constantine, which Sophia adamantly insists was the work of Arcanics wielding monstra.

After the Arcanics escape their cells, an alarm is raised in the Compound and Sophia and Atena are barred in a research lab. Maika Halfwolf breaks into the lab, demanding the location of Sophia's mother, Yvette. When Sophia refuses to comply, Maika uses a flamethrower to burn her body and proceeds to stab Sophia through the chest with the flamethrower's bayonet. Sophia is left for dead.

Sophia survives the attack, albeit in a comatose state, and is being fed lilium by Atena when the Inquisitrix and Mother Superior arrive. When the Mother Superior revives Yvette to hunt for the mask, a condition of Yvette's co-operation is that her daughter is given enough lilium to survive.

Sometime later, Sophia removes her bandages to find herself burned and scarred. The few strands of her hair are white, a side-effect of using large amounts of lilium.

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