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{{{class0.1}}}: {{{info0.1}}}
{{{class0.2}}}: {{{info0.2}}}
{{{class0.3}}}: {{{info0.3}}}
{{{class1.1}}}: {{{info1.1}}}
{{{class1.2}}}: {{{info1.2}}}
{{{class1.3}}}: {{{info1.3}}}
{{{class2.1}}}: {{{info2.1}}}
{{{class2.2}}}: {{{info2.2}}}
{{{class2.3}}}: {{{info2.3}}}
{{{class3.1}}}: {{{info3.1}}}
{{{class3.2}}}: {{{info3.2}}}
{{{class3.3}}}: {{{info3.3}}}
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