Ancient: a race consider the strongest living race. They are humanoid with a beastly appearance. Most are affiliated with either the Dawn or Dust Court.

Arcanic: It is believed that the same force that gave the ancients their power remade them again, removing the walls between their flesh and humans. The arcanics are a half breed between a human and ancient, or between two arcanics. The Cumaea view them as impure, leading to animosity between arcanics and humans.

Blood Queen: the matriarch of the sea folk.

Constatine: refers to either the explosion that happened there, or the actual location in the human federation.

Cumaea: an influential organization of female humans that research lilium and appear on the forefront of the human-arcanic war.

Dawn Court: an organization of arcanics and ancients, head by the Queen of Wolves.

Dawn War: A war of long ago where Ubatsi banished the Old Gods.

Dusk Court: an organization of arcanics and ancients, who hold a vigil of silence.

Edenian: a culture of agricultural humans near the dividing wall. Unlike the Cumaea, they do not hate arcanics, though fear the scorn if they disobey the status quo.

Inquistrix: a high ranking member of the Cumaea that work directly under the mother superior.

Lilium: a purple liquid-gas, the byproduct created when an arcanic or ancient dies. It has magical properties letting humans dive into the powers of the ancients and arcanics.

Monstrum: See Old God. Monstrum is also the name given to a particular individual of the race until its name was revealed later in the series.

Mother Superior: Head of the Cumaea organization. The current Mother Superior is Desteria.

Nekomancer: cats that have the unsavory ability to temporary rise the dead and command them to speak.

Pirate Queen: The ruling power of the city of Thyria. They are appointed by the Wave Empress herself.

Poets: wise cats who philosophical words lead generations of cats.

Old God:  a once powerful and destructive race, which were believed to have threatened the nature of the world. They were banished by Ubatsi. Now, they wander this world as massive, but harmless apparitions. 

Shaman Empress: the first arcanic ever born, who became more powerful than even the ancients of old. Her knowledge is coveted by many, but she buried it with her in an unknown location.

Wave Empress: Also known as the Goddess of the Deep, is the matriarch of the people living beneath the waves. Her land-embassy is Thyria.

Ubatsi: the mother of all cats, who banished the Old Gods from the existing world.

Witch-Nuns: members of the Cumaea.

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