Tuya is Maika Halfwolf's dearest friend.

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An arcanic that looks nearly identical to a human. Tuya is a head shorter than Maika.

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She was found in the desert by raiders and taken to an arcanic slave camp ran by Ilsa. There, she was starved to the point she would eat the stomach of a deceased boy, but remained resilient alongside her friend, Maika.

At some point, she and Maika were able to escape and came to live with a Scyth people, who followed the fleet herds from the Caracol Mountains to the Cape of Bone. Maika left for a month to uncover answers to her lost past. It's uncertain what Tuya was doing during that time, but she eventually came into contact with the Dusk Court and earned the title "The Baroness".

Volume 1 Edit

Tuya is seen in Maika's flashback. They were caught together by raiders in the desert. Taken to a slave camp for an indefinite amount of time, the two girls found comfort alongside one another. They fought for survival together, escaping eventually.

At the edge of the human border, Maika parts with Tuya to search for the secrets her mother hid, not knowing where Tuya would go.

After their time apart, Tuya becomes the Baroness of the Dusk Court. She traps Maika in a sarcophagus, meant to keep her friend in a deep slumber, but the Cumaea attack unexpectedly. Maika destroys the sarcophagus and escapes, not able to recognize her friend under the hood she wore. Tuya's intentions for trapping Maika and the reason for her position in the Dusk Court remain unknown.

Volume 2 Edit

Tuya makes an short appearance in Volume 2. As Baronness and emissary of the Dusk Court she comes to the Dawn Court to discuss an alliance and truce between the Dusk and Dawn courts, joined by a common goal of obtaining the piece of the mask that Maika carries.

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