Yvette Lo Lim was once a high ranking member of the order of the Cumaea, though she seems to have been disgraced through events that have only been alluded to so far. She is mother to Sophia. She eats the organs of arcanics.

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Back when arcanics and humans tolerated each other, Yvette, and Maika and Moriko Halfwolf studied a ruined temple somewhere near Constatine. There, the party found a mask thought to be linked to the Shaman Empress. Yvette betrays the Halfwolfs and the ruins catch on fire.

She is at her estate when Zamora is attacked by the arcanics who escaped the nearby Cumaea compound. Maika kills the guards stationed to protect Yvette. Yvette converses with Maika, baiting her with knowledge of her past, however Yvette leads Maika into a trap. Lilium temporarily cripples the arcanics, but Maika is able to break free. Maika kills Yvette.

Yvette is later revived by the Mother Superior with an injection of ancient's Iilium. She is bound and muzzled after attempting to devour a solider and taken to the outskirts of Zamora, where she is used to track down the mask.

While the Cumaea and arcanics fight, she forces her way through to Maika, but is hacked down by Corvin.

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