A mysterious primordial Monstrum that shares Maika's body and mind. It was drawn to this world by the Shaman Empress. Zinn is driven by a hunger and desire to consume the lives of humans and arcanics. Also known as: "the betrayer," "master of woes," "destroyer," "destroyer of spheres," "the terror," and "the ruiner-proxy." 

Personality Edit

Zinn has existed for eons, and views the native life of the Known World as meager, insignificant specks unworthy of attention, who inhabit a world of splendor so briefly that its beauty is wasted on them.

It believes sympathy toward the inhabitants of the Known World is a weakness, that would drag the Old Gods into exile once more. It went to great lengths attempting to benefit the Old Gods in the way it deemed necessary -- pacifying with violent means. His methods eventual lead to deep seeded guilt, paired with the knowing that his actions caused the Old God's imprisonment.

Zinn found purpose through the Shaman Empress, but is lost trying to move forward without her.

Appearance Edit

A mass of dark tendrils and eyes amassing into a coherence form. Zinn can manifest in a number of forms depending on the amount he has consumed. In his weaker state, he is nothing more than an appendage jutting out of Maika's missing arm. With more power, he develops his own body.

Background Edit

A primordial god hailing from the plains of another reality, it and the other Old Gods found a world of unmatched beauty. The Old Gods became divided whether to stay and sap the life out of this world, or return to their exile. Zinn wanted to claim the land for the Old God, not concerned in what that would mean for the current inhabitants. It fought Hajin on the matter, killing him in the process. For all it attempted to achieve, the Old Gods were banished.

Zinn was brought back by the tinkering of the Shaman Empress. They became lovers and Zinn found purpose through the Shaman Empress. Even after her death, Zinn must find a way to change and move forward with the weight of its past mistakes; a task it finds difficult now that his beloved guiding light is gone.

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